I love all kinds of music, and my musical taste varied a lot over time, I had my Epic Metal period, my Rave period, but I always loved american rock and I can still enjoy some mainstream music, including mainstream dance.
My favourite artists include Saybia, Coldplay, Beth Gibbons (Portishead), K's choice, Aqualung.
I played guitar and keyboard in a band called ybcos from March 1997 until June 2003, when we did our last concert together (with Laura Piovesan/voice, Francesco Targhetta/guitar, Giulio Manzonetto/bass, Marco Orseoli/drum and Anna De Roberto/voice). In October 2004 ybcos restarted rehearsals after summer break without me (because of obvious logistic problems); their last live concert was in March 2005. We sometimes daydream about putting together the band again.


Sport? Not really. I used to play basket, but now I'm not training any more, so I play only occasionally with friends. I have been doing some orienteering (technically a "family sport"), and I would do it again but I guess it lost a lot of its magic with modern technologies.
I like swimming and water sports in general, and I am practicing them whenever I have the opportunity; in particular I started diving in 2009, thanks to my wife stubbornness. I love it, but I guess you can hardly call it sport. I dived (dove?) in the Red Sea, Salerno, Crete and Sardinia. I am definitely getting back to dive in Sardinia... (Secca del Papa, aspettami!).

Lost youth

Ti ricordi quando eravamo giovani e per pigliarci tutti bastava puntare un compasso di raggio 3 km su Treviso?