The following are my language skills, assessed by myself following the common European framework. The framework is provided at the bottom of the page as a reference.


Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

C2 CAN make full and accurate notes on all routine meetings.CAN make full and effective use of dictionaries for productive and receptive purposes.CAN keep up casual conversations for an extended period of time.
C1 CAN draft a set of straightforward instructions.CAN assess appropriacy of source material quickly and reliably.CAN show visitors round and give a detailed description of a place.
B2 CAN write a non-routine letter where this is restricted to matters of fact.CAN scan texts for relevant information, and grasp main topic of text.CAN ask for advice and understand the answer, provided this is given in everyday language.
B1 CAN write a simple routine request to a colleague.CAN assess whether a textbook or article is within the required topic area.CAN go to a counter service shop and ask for most of what (s)he wants.
A2 CAN leave a simple message giving information.CAN understand simple visuals on familiar topics.CAN express an opinion about food.
A1 CAN write a simple routine request to a colleague, such as 'Can I have 20X please?'CAN read basic notices and instructions.CAN ask simple questions of a factual nature and understand answers expressed in simple language.